Beth Bliss

I was a restaurant owner for 14 years, and had ended up with serious back injuries. Doctors recommended varying courses of action, from chiropractic treatment, exercises, surgeries, etc., but then i came across a life-changing book by Brooke Siler, “The Pilates Body.” I started to teach myself the first seven exercises in the book; I soon realized that I hadn’t hurt in an entire month! I began to do prep work to train with Romana Kryzanowska in Seattle, WA. I have been certified and teaching Classical Pilates full-time since 2004 and have worked with all varieties of clients, from athletes to those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease.

Pamela More

Pam's passion for fitness and teaching has grown since she began working in this industry so 20+ years ago.  Her career as an A.C.E ceritfied Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader changed immensely after being introduced to the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning.


Pam was intrigued by the symmetry, strength, and body awareness that following this practice brings.  Wanting to be a part of this time tested exercise system, Pam traveled to New York City to study, and obtained her certification in 1997 from the (late) great Romana Kryzanowska.


Pam feels extremely fortunate to be a face in the fitness community carrying on Joe's legacy.  She is proud to be Classically trained knowing that she is able to

make a difference in others' lives.  Her varied skills and enthusiasm provide an opportunity for everyone to find fun in fitness.


As a way of spreading her motivational message to a wider audience Pam developed a wellness blog.  At she shares tips and bits of wisdom gleaned from her own path to health and quality of life.